Gallery of Model Kits by Takayuki Takeya

Created by Daniel Lee

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Latest 21st Feb 2020

- New Takeya resin kit sales Skull Soldier and Dried Salmon direct mail order available

- X-Works Protoype Heterologous

- X-Works Hiruko




Iria I resin
Iria I vinyl
Iria II resin
Iria II vinyl


Ajari Red Mausoleum 1/8
Alien Pile
Alien Warrior
AOH 6 heads
AOH - Dog and Old Woman head set*
AOH - Ojisan Bust 
AOH - Ojisan relief
Bee Woman vs. Masked Rider
Damaged Zeiram Bust
Doras  (New)
Erosive Guyver
Hakaider Bust
Fewture Nina and Steve Oil Rain set
Operation In Progress
Oriental Skull Set
Pusher Hopper Special Set
Regeneration Devilman
Sitting Hell
Sitting Hell Ambassadors*
Snake Woman
Takeya Alien 1st version, bent arms
Takeya Alien 2nd version, straight arms
Zeiram - Iria's food*
Zeiram - Iria's Communicator
Zeiram - Prop set I
Zeiram - Prop set II
Zeiram 2
Alien Bust
Predator 1st version
Predator 2nd version
Predator Bust


Zeiram vinyl
Zeiram resin


Arashi Henshin Ninja
Aura Battler Series
Cambria Classic Hakaider
Classic Kikaider
Elric - Albinone
Elric - Wall Plaque
Guardian Force Diabolus
Guardian Force Odin
Masked Rider 1
Masked Rider 2 with Cyclone
Masked Rider V3
Nightmare resin
Nightmare vinyl


Skull Soldier
Godzilla Skeleton

Max Factory

Cyber Ninja Shiranui vinyl
Cyber Ninja Shiranui resin
Cyber Ninja II
Devilman vinyl
Devilman resin*
Pumpkinhead 2 - Metamorphosis


1/35 Metal Figures (Zeiram 1, Zeiram 2, Hakaider, Iria)
Fantazone Vamp
Original Metal figures Studio M: Fujin
Iris's Cocoon
Takeya Cambria
Ultimate Dunbine
Colossus Titan
SNUFF 2000 Rubber Face
X-Works Protoype Heterologous
X-Works Hiruko


Panzer Dragoon Orta
Seifer and Odin
Squall and Bahamut
Big Alien
Final Fantasy Advent Children - Cloud and Sephiroth
Kickstarter Ogre God
Ogre God
Colossus Titan

<>Other Sculptors

Makoto Kobayashi

Kotobukiya Dragon's Heaven Set(Shian, Elemdine, Icool)  (New)
Kotobukiya Giant Robo*
Kotobukiya 1/144 Neo Geo
Kotobukiya Super ZZ Gundam
Kotobukiya 1/144 Marasai
Kotobukiya 1/220 Baund Doc
Kotobukiya 1/220 The O
B-Club Salty Dog


Kenji Ando

Kotobukiya Vampire Hunter D (movie version)
Kotobukiya Selphie, Quistis & Leviathan
Kotobukiya Meier Link
Alpha Ghost in the Shell


Eisaku Kito

Fewture Tinny Robocon*
Fewture Robin-Chan and Gantz-Sensei
Fewture Su-Kov
Fewture Iria's Gun I*
Fewture Iria's Gun II
Fewture Sub-Machine Gun
Kotobukiya Cyclone (together with Takeya's Masked Rider 2)
Kotobukiya Shoki
Kotobukiya 1/100 Marasai
Alpha Fuchikoma (Ghost in the Shell)


Yasushi Nirasawa

Chrysalis Collector


Yusuke Takayanagi

Fewture Boltstein I
Fewture Boltstein II
Fewture Den
Fewture Last Form Zeiram
Fewture Komainu (Temple Dog)
Dragon King***

 * Kits which I do not own, feel free to contact me if you have any for sale/trade! Originals only of course. :)
 ** Only prepaints without kit versions are listed


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